Ultima Libraria is a membership-based library and CoWorking-Space, based in Kreuzberg, Berlin.
In its current form, it has space for up to four people at once.

Thematically the most important topics of the library are:

  • Compounding

    • Investing, Resource Allocation, Personal & perpetual Hypergrowth, Mental Models, Technology

  • Progress Studies

    • Solving the most important problems, Narrative Studies, Macro-scale Organization of Humanity, Political Systems, How to 10x Everything Great, Effective Altruism & Philantropy, Enlightenment

  • Philosophy

    • Epistemology, Kritische Theorie, Thanatology, Religion, Metaphysics, Scientific Progress, Logic, Political Economics, Judaism & Christianity, Classic Philosophy, Study and Critique of Ideology, History of Philosophy, Theories of Everything, Avant-gardism, Utopias & Dystopias

  • Psychedelics

    • Anthropogenesis, Role in Religion, Psychedelic Future of Humanity, Psychedelics-first Psychology, Psychedelics & Autism, Theories of Psychedelics, Psychonautics, Ethnobotany

  • Intelligence

    • Studying and Learning from Geniuses in History, Book and Reading Culture, Theories of (Hyper-) Intelligence & Savants, Theories of Stupidity, Learning How to Learn, Non-Human Intelligence

  • Design

    • Systems design, Incentives, Lifestyle Design, Company & Community Building, Environment

  • Natural Sciences

    • Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, AI, Statistics, Complexity Science

  • Cultural Sciences

    • Sociology, Economics, History, Anthropoligy, Wars, German history, Education, History of Suppression & Overcoming Adversity

  • Engineering

    • Semiconductors, Energy Production, Nuclear Energy, Artificially Intelligence, Computer Science, Programming, Renewables

  • Realm of pragmatism

    • Longevity, Lifestyle Design, Happiness, Health, Sleep, Medicine, Breathing, Meditation, Discipline, Regret Minimization

  • Literature & Aesthetics

    • Art, Artists, Art Theory, Russian Literature, French Literature, German Literature, International Literature, Cinema, Poetry, Languages, Comparative Literature

  • Other

    • Objectivism, Marxism, Dialektik, Mythology, Gaming, Crypto, Ethereum, Web3, Network States, Immortality, Bicameralism, Denial of Death, Psychoanalysis, Hacker Culture, Berlin Club Culture, Techno, Israel, Podcasts, Companies, Mimetic Theory, Studying Founders & Pioneers, Antifascism, Antiracism, Feminism, Gender, Conservativism, Group Think, Individualism