Hi, I'm Sebids!

Sebids is someone that tries to defy default-path division of labor and has done so more or less for their entire life, by trying to specialize in as many fields as possible, in a potentially futile attempt to treat an extremely interesting world with equal, deserved curiosity and love. The outcome of this long-term approach necessarily means that every sector specialist will pridefully be able to call out my bluffs and limitations, but then again, - the normal conduct for most people is narrow specialization, which means that specialists are disadvantaged knowing what they do not know due to their very specialization. A polymath approach to life in the 21st century inevitably needs a lot of humor, because it's damn hard to keep up with anything at all, but on the other side of constant struggle with reality, its absurdity, paradoxes, and complexity, - freedom, adequacy growth, joy, peace, understanding, friendships, and lots of awe, wonder, and gratitude all can be found.


Sebids was born 30.08.1993 in Munich and lives in Kreuzberg, Berlin since 2016. He's a capital allocator by profession since 2019, after realizing in 2017 about himself that he never has read literature by “rich people”, which to him was an unacceptable omission, and after doing so, he realized that the best living capitalists are the group of people he was looking for, for a very long time, a group of people he felt most connected to due to a shared approach to life, examples of which could be summarized as: constant learning and the joy to be proven wrong about something, the quest for above average value creation, and scaling practical real-world entities, for example building a company, over the course of one's life.


Before discovering the investment world, which is the world of capital allocation, which is resource allocation, which is about value creation, which also is applied philosophy as a means of fighting scarcity - the individuals Sebids learnt the most from mostly consisted of already dead philosophers and writers.­

The connecting tissue of my life is compounding.

I understand compounding as an infinite game where "small" advances in learning, assembling, organizing, and thinking, exponentially adds up to something more, in a flywheel-like manner.


This is easiest to be expressed specifically for example in portfolio management or investing where a company is continuously reinvesting their capital to satisfy more customer's needs, but also applies to my life generally due to me being a constant learner, because learning compounds, or when it comes to friendships, experiences, or love, that also all become greater over time with careful curation, with a loving approach to life.

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